Green Wacks

Green Wacks products will help decrease the amount of chemicals that go into our landfills. Unbleached Green Wacks paper is chlorine-free. Wax has been reformulated by reducing the amount of the petroleum makeup by adding soy. The packaging utilizes 100% recycled paperboard and soybean inks.

Green Wacks are microwavable.

Green Wacks are most commonly used for:

Basket liners Scale sheets Sandwich wraps Submarine wraps Hamburger wraps
Food prep divider Taco wraps Hot dog or sausage wraps Pizza sheets Portion control divider

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Paper Types & Sizes
MFG CodeSizePackApprox. Case WeightCubeDescription
GW-88 x 10 3/44 / 5009 lbs0.33Interfolded Earth Friendly Deli Paper
GW-1010 x 10 3/44 / 5009.5 lbs0.38Interfolded Earth Friendly Deli Paper
GW-1212 x 10 3/44 / 50011.5 lbs0.40Interfolded Earth Friendly Deli Paper
GW-1515 x 10 3/44 / 50013 lbs0.56Interfolded Earth Friendly Deli Paper
F-12GW12" x 12"3 / 100019 lbs0.59Earth Friendly Flat Deli Paper
T-6GW6 x 10 3/46 / 100014 lbs0.44Interfolded Earth Friendly Tissue Paper